Scott Tattersall

Business owner, Entrepeneur, technologist

I've spent the last 15 years working with the latest technologies and in both my own start-up companies, SMEs and large publicly traded companies. My previous software company for which I was both co-founder and C.T.O. was acquired in 2015 and since then I've been working with the latest technologies such as advanced Machine Learning (e.g. Google's Tensorflow), Computer vision (e.g. OpenCV), IoT (e.g. Arduino, RPi) and Crypto-currencies (e.g. BitCoin, Ethereum).

I mix knowledge of the latest technologies (Blockchain, Docker, etc) with deep experience on traditional and modern databases (Relational, Non-relational, document store, column databases, etc) and cloud deployment, architecture and infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc)


Data - in all it's forms

Dealing with the many forms and structure of data in the modern economy can be tricky

In a modern system, not all data is tables, not all data is real-time, not all data must persist, not all areas of a business needs to see all the data. Choosing the best data architecture for your company can be challenging - make use of the experience of someone who has tried it all, at all scales (from billions of ticks of stock data, to data-visualising of business spreadsheets)


Modern software delivery

Containerization (via Docker or other mechanisms) is the modern way forward

Software delivery, whether 3rd party or internally, will benefit from the separation of concerns and better infrastructure management containerization brings. If you don't have a strategy for this, you should.


Other areas

I have spent a long time learning and understanding the latest technologies, here are some of the areas where I have further experience

Machine learning

"Artificial Intelligence" is moving mainstream (just ask Alexa!)

Computer Vision

Having specialized in this field in college I've recently been involved in a project involving number plate recognition using OpenCV 3.0

Internet of Things

I've recently designed and built a custom PCB based on the Arduino Pro Mini and communicating via the SigFox network


Have kept up to speed on Bitcoin and it's underlying Blockchain algorithm, as well as it's stronger competitors (Ethereum & Ripple in my opinion)

Data visualisation

I have spent many years involved in designing ways to make complex data easier to understand via visualisation, both 2d and 3d

Data analytics

Real-world knowledge of various database types, coupled with years of experience of both statistical techniques and data management, helps me find answers to questions based on very large datasets

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